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Re favorite hacker stories, watching MalwareTech's story unfold over the last few years has been fascinating.


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Oct 9, 2020Liked by Jasmine Wang 🌱

I've been listening to Lenny by Steve Ray Vaughan on and off for the past two weeks 🌿

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Oct 7, 2020Liked by Jasmine Wang 🌱

I read this while listening to David Ramirez's 'My Love is a Hurricane'. First time I'd heard of the guy, but every song, so far, is excellent.

No pictures. The lockdown has, for me, been a time of total immersion into the Metaverse. And I have to say, the NEET life ain't half bad. Embrace the blinding sun of effort and physical presence; I'm fine in the cave watching shadows dance😎

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Check out Olafur Arnalds for some modern classical piano music! His recent album Some Kind of Peace stirs up a lot of emotions

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